Friday, September 13, 2013


Just checked out ARMA 3, and decided that I'm ready for a little different experience this time around and I'm going to go with that first.  I may still pick up BF4 later, but ARMA 3 looks like more fun to me!

Since ARMA 3 is on Steam instead of Origin, we have to use a little different process to get it.  The good news is that it's actually easier.  So, check my previous post- the directions are the same up to step 5.  Then...

  1. On PrizeRebel, go to Prizes.
  2. Select "Custom Order" from the menu on your left-hand side under "Prize categories."
  3. Use the drop-down menu by "Merchant" to select "Steam Game."
  4. Paste Arma 3's URL ( and the other info into the appropriate boxes and hit submit.  PrizeRebel will gift the game to you- check the email account you used to sign up for Steam with.  You will get an email from Valve saying that the game has been gifted to you.
  5. Go play some ARMA 3.
Or, if you want to use PrizeRebel to pay for only a portion of the cost...

  1. Go to Prizes.
  2. Search for "Steam Wallet."
  3. Claim your Steam Wallet card, input the code into Steam (under the "Games" menu), then use it towards the purchase of ARMA 3.
There you have it.  Enjoy your new game.

PROTIP:  This process works with ANY steam game.

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