Friday, September 13, 2013


Just checked out ARMA 3, and decided that I'm ready for a little different experience this time around and I'm going to go with that first.  I may still pick up BF4 later, but ARMA 3 looks like more fun to me!

Since ARMA 3 is on Steam instead of Origin, we have to use a little different process to get it.  The good news is that it's actually easier.  So, check my previous post- the directions are the same up to step 5.  Then...

  1. On PrizeRebel, go to Prizes.
  2. Select "Custom Order" from the menu on your left-hand side under "Prize categories."
  3. Use the drop-down menu by "Merchant" to select "Steam Game."
  4. Paste Arma 3's URL ( and the other info into the appropriate boxes and hit submit.  PrizeRebel will gift the game to you- check the email account you used to sign up for Steam with.  You will get an email from Valve saying that the game has been gifted to you.
  5. Go play some ARMA 3.
Or, if you want to use PrizeRebel to pay for only a portion of the cost...

  1. Go to Prizes.
  2. Search for "Steam Wallet."
  3. Claim your Steam Wallet card, input the code into Steam (under the "Games" menu), then use it towards the purchase of ARMA 3.
There you have it.  Enjoy your new game.

PROTIP:  This process works with ANY steam game.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

How to Get Battlefield 4 Premium For Free

Firstly, thanks for checking out my guide! This is my second guide on how to get online goods for free. If you’re interested in my first guide, getting G1C (gamersfirst credits) for free, you can check that out here. If you’re just interested in Battlefield 4 Premium and base game (BF4 from now on), read on.
We’re going to keep this as short, sweet, and simple as possible.  After the instructions, I’ll give some additional tips to speed things up.
  1. Sign up for PrizeRebel. PrizeRebel is a third-party service that is paid by advertising and research companies to funnel users to their sites, and they in turn pay YOU, the user, for participating. PrizeRebel is not the only company out there of this sort, but they’re definitely the best.
  2. (Optional) Download RoboForm. RoboForm is a free form-filling tool that– you guessed it- fills out forms for you with just one click. You will soon see why this comes in handy.
  3. Start completing offers and surveys. Surveys are usually the best; they offer a high amount of credits for your time. Check your PrizeRebel mailbox for the latest ones. Some registration-type offers are quick and easy, but others make you wade through a bunch of crap to get your credits. After a while, you will instinctively be able to tell which ones are the easy ones before you even click on them!
  4. Refer your friends. PrizeRebel has the best referral system of any of these kinds of companies. You get paid for every offer they do. On top of that, you also get paid for any offer their referrals complete. It’s a good program, so use it!
  5. Rack up the credits.
  6. Go to the prizes section and select enough Amazon gift cards to cover the cost of BF4 Premium; or really anything else you want off of Amazon. This is how we’ll be purchasing BF4. If the game were on Steam, we wouldn’t have to use this roundabout method, but Origin does not have a gift option, so we have to go through Amazon to get the game.
  7. Buy it, download it, play it (currently, the game is not out yet- but if you preorder, you get the China Rising DLC for free)!
I used this process to get BF3 and the DLC without paying a damn dime. Now here’s my dirty little secret- I’m still saving for BF4. It’s looking like I’ll have it preordered, though!

Here’s some additional tips to save you some time:
  • There are videos worth one point in the external offers section. Some of them require that you keep their tab open, but others will play regardless. Some will allow you to play them over and over again. Keep them playing in the background while you do surveys, etc. to keep the gravy train rolling at full throttle.
  • Using false information in combination with RoboForm is like the crystal meth of PrizeRebel- it’s cheap, easy, and you’ll get five times as much done. The flipside is that it’s illegal and can get you shut down permanently. That means losing EVERYTHING you’ve worked for. The very least they will do if you are caught is revoke your points. I can’t condone it, so all I’ll say is to be smart.
  • Check the email account you signed up with. The emails they send you will give you one point just for visiting the link, and they’re usually surveys. As I said before, surveys give you the best bang for your buck.
  • DON’T DOWNLOAD ANYTHING UNLESS YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT IT IS AND TRUST IT. Yes, these offers work, but they’ll also install spyware and other unwanted crap on your machine. If you don’t particularly care about that, then download away.
Thanks for checking out my guide! And if you happen to be an APB player, make sure to check out my guide on free G1C!